Top 5 reasons why you should visit St Barts

St Barts is one of the most trendy and upscale islands in the Caribbean boasting white sandy beaches, fifty shades of blue in natural coves and charming small towns that provide a breathtaking backdrop for a dream trip in paradise. At just eight square miles the island boasts a collection of world-class, five-star hotels, spectacular villas, pampering spas, fine dining restaurants and a wide choice of leisure activities.

There’s a reason why the rich and famous flock to St Barts’ shores…

1. Pristine Beaches

St Barts boasts a total of 22 beaches, all blessed with white sands, turquoise hues and beautiful panoramic views. If you’re looking for privacy, head to Gouverneur beach. You’ll have to drive here but once you traverse the mountainous terrain you’re sure to enjoy this corner of paradise. Toiny beach is popular for persons wishing to surf the unrivaled offshore waves.

2. The Town of Gustavia

The picturesque town of Gustavia is dotted with red roofed “gingerbread” buildings complimenting the lush flora surrounding it. This tiny port town is the capital of the island whose sites and landmarks can be easily visited in just a day’s worth of exploring the town by foot. History fans will find the 17th century forts which line the harbor, from Fort Karl in the north to Fort Gustaf with its lighthouse and cannons in the south. You’ll also find the ever-popular Shell Beach here. If you’re looking to relax, head to one of the waterfront cafes, sip on a refreshing cocktail and enjoy the spectacular views of the harbor.

3. World-class Cuisine

St Barts is home to incredible restaurants and the service, just like the faire, is impeccable! One of the more fashionable spots on the island is L’Esprit Saline, where chef Jean-Claude has a new menu of fusion cuisine daily, complete with a beautiful sea view. Le Gaïac also has some of the best food on the island and a beautiful view of the sea too where head Chef Stephane Mazieresis is known for blending French and Creole influences to create new dishes! Enjoy the scenic views and sunset at Bonito in Gustavia. The cocktails here are instagram-worthy!

4. Hotspot for A-list Celebrities

There’s a reason why Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles, Beyonce, The Clooneys and Roman Abramovich all choose to make St Barts their Caribbean vacation getaway. And they don’t just hang out on their yacht or away at their luxury St Barts private villa, chances are you’ll see them around the island. The ultimate luxury beach club Nikki Beach, has played host to many!

5. Near Perfect Weather

From May to June the weather is nearly perfect and you’ll find day after day of clear skies and warm temperatures. This is the best time to visit! Visitors choosing to arrive from December to April will find the sun is especially hot. December is also considered peak season, so be sure to book your trip to St Barts several months in advance. The rainy season takes place in September, October, and November.

Whether it’s dining amongst the rich and famous, staying at the island’s top hotels and spectacular villas, or shopping for high-end designer pieces in Gustavia, St Barts’ visitors can expect top service across the island!

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