The 5 Most Romantic Things About St Barts

Dubbed the St Tropez of the Caribbean, St Barts is truly one of the Caribbean’s top romantic destinations, and has built a reputation for just this with its beautiful pristine beaches and gourmet dining in chic bistros! The island is a go-to destination for couples celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries or any other romantic occasions.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit St Barts to kindle or rekindle the passion!

1. Charm, Caribbean Island with French Flair

St Barts, St Barths or Saint Barthélemy remains one of the most romantic and enchanting destinations not only of the Caribbean but in the world! It’s the ideal destination for an unforgettable summer romance or a first kiss. St Barts, an overseas collectivity of France, stirs the passions with distinctive culinary delights, awe-inspiring natural beauty, a rich cultural history, warm smiles, and so much more.

2. Intimate Hotels & Villas

Whether a small inn or St Barts luxury villa rental, a classic elegant hotel, a hidden boutique or an exotic beach property, St Barts’ accommodations are known for the first-class quality and offer something special for couples looking to get away from it all! Hotels and concierge services in St Barts sometimes have special rates and packages just for two and usually offer special welcome amenities and turndown services, reservations and activities for couples locally, and room accommodations above and beyond the regular guest room.

3. Spas

The island in itself is really a sanctuary for mind, body and soul that reinterprets classic European spa rituals with a distinctive Caribbean flair. Spa treatments utilize various botanical products and custom formulations. You’ll discover a sense of ease and calm found only in paradise!

4. Beaches

Beaches in St Barts offer a wide variety for its small size, all of which are lined with beautiful white sand. Some with a popular atmosphere for beachside snacking, snorkeling, and water sports. But you’ll also find some hidden strands if inhabited, it’s mostly by locals who prefer a little more peace and quiet. St Barts is also known as the Caribbean’s most popular destination for topless and nude sunbathing, so even if you’re not prepared to show it all, be prepared to see it all!

St Barts is a stunning Caribbean vacation getaway and is constantly rated one of the top ten beach destinations in the world by Travel Channel!

5. Dining

Everyone enjoys romantic meals; and St Barts is as famous for its love of good food and wine as it is for its love of romance! Even in St Barts the restaurants cater for all tastes and all budgets; during the day you can visit one of the many cafes which nestle comfortably along the streets and after dinner you can share one of the decadent desserts with a glass of wine – whether it’s Merlot, Cabernet or Viognier!

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